Principal Director

Sheree Hensgen


Sheree has worked in the conveyancing industry for 28 years starting her career with a Mildura law form and worked in the legal industry  until 1994 when she opened the firm of Allstate Conveyancing Services Pty. Ltd. as a sole Conveyancing Professional. Her first office was in a shared scenario but the business steadily grew and is today operated with a staff of five.

Sheree and Allstate Conveyancing Services Pty. Ltd. are Fully Licensed Conveyancers in accordance with the Conveyancers Act, 2006.  Sheree is a Full Member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division).

Sheree was  born in Mildura and has enjoyed making many friends from clients over the years she has been a Conveyancing Professional and she takes great pride in the team of women that she has brought together to run the successful business that Allstate Conveyancing Services is today. The team at Allstate are a family and have great respect for each other which shows through in the quality of service that is provided when clients seek our services.

Allstate Conveyancing Services Pty. Ltd. was recently awarded the 2012 Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year and Sheree was present at the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division)’s gala dinner to accept the award.  Sheree is very proud of her wonderful and loyal staff and also very proud of being recognised for the many years of hard work that has gone into the making of a wonderful company that provides an excellent service in conveyancing in Mildura.

Sheree undertakes professional development at every opportunity which enables her and her staff to provide up to date conveyancing advice to all of Allstate’s clientele.  Sheree values the many friendships she has made with other members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division) as they provide unwavering support and the institute strives for excellance in conveyancing.